Ready To Die (36 Dead in Tel Aviv)

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Posted by Noble Drew Ali on March 14, 2001 at 11:48:07:

a straight path to heaven
is the easiest way
rather than stay and pray 5 times a day
send me to war, my soul is prepared
fighting for God, never scared

you took land which was ours
and made it yours
so hatred seeps through my pores
and soars with each killing
of each innocent child

my brother is dead
and my mind has gone wild

true belief is more powerful than any gun
to Paradise i'll run
with a bomb on my back i'll attack

by merely standing amongst others
mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers
who treated me like an animal
so in a slaughter they'll die
for my family its a celebration
no need to cry
as i fight and die for my nation

i looked forward to death
and felt no pain
when the bodies fell like rain...

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